Buglioni and Sarment forge a partnership for Asia


Sarment Wines & Spirits is expanding in the Italian wine category, forging a multi-region partnership with stylish Veneto producer Buglioni that incorporates China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Buglioni’s polished Amarone and Valpolicella will be landing in all markets later this month with owner Mariano Buglioni due to visit the region to launch the portfolio in the final week of June.

“Buglioni has identified in Sarment, thanks to the help of Nimbility, a fantastic opportunity to be able to enter three of Asia’s key markets,” said estate owner Mariano Buglioni, “positioning our wines in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore within high level restaurants, in hotels and at specialist retailers, as well as directly to private clients. We are very excited to be launching with Sarment and will do everything possible to build a strong, symbiotic relationship, affirming the recognition of the Buglioni brand and supporting Sarment’s continued success in Asia.”  

The partnership will broaden Sarment’s current Italian offering which is particularly strong in Piemonte, with the likes of Gaja, Paolo Scavino and Roagna, but up until now has lacked a top Amarone producer.

Mario Aron, CEO at Sarment said: “The Italian wine category in Asia is waiting for a brand like Buglioni to arrive and bring Veneto closer to Chinese consumers. Buglioni and Sarment are based on the same philosophy, namely to bring excitement and honesty to the consumers. We are proud to represent this exciting brand in our portfolio.”

Buglioni is a relative new-comer to the wine industry. Just 25 years ago, the adventurous and forward-thinking family stepped out of the fashion industry and discovered their true path by purchasing a vineyard estate in the heart of Valpolicella. They hired a young, passionate, local winemaker to run the estate and promote the traditional wine culture of this beautiful region.

“Buglioni’s rich, sophisticated yet classically sculpted wines are polished and accessible making them perfect for Asian markets,” says Nimbility’s Founding Partner Ian Ford. “Mariano Buglioni will be a fabulous ambassador leading the charge for Veneto in the region, and we are all excited that Sarment will be taking on the range. Sarment’s position as one of Asia’s leading luxury wine suppliers is the perfect platform to launch this stunning selection.”

The wines will be available to taste at various trade and consumer events planned for Buglioni’s visit in June.  

The opening selection will include:

 -       Buglioni Il Disperato Bianco delle Venezie IGT 2017

-       Buglioni L’Imperfetto Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2015

-       Buglioni Il Lussurioso Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2015

-       Buglioni Teste Dure Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Riserva 2010

 For more information about Buglioni in Asia please contact info@nimbilityasia.com

Apolline Martin