“Francesca Martin is without doubt one of the very brightest sparks in today’s wine trade: her boundless energy and enthusiasm for the projects she undertakes are second to none and her professional work ethic upholds the phrase ‘honesty is the best policy’.”


– Steven Spurrier, Consultant Editor Decanter Magazine  



“Ian Ford founded the distributor Summergate in China in 1999. By the time he sold it to Woolworths in 2014, Summergate had 13 offices around China and around 400 employees, selling through many different channels. That makes him one of the world’s premier experts on the Chinese wine market.”


– Felicity Carter, Editor-In-Chief, Meininger’s Wine Business International



"Polly has deep expertise in the drinks trade across Asia. She is a delightful blend of someone who possess creativity and entrepreneurial spirit having co-founded Xeco which revives the Sherry category,while being steadfast and operates with integrity. An absolute delight to work with."


- Bernice Cheng, xBorderwines



“Ian is a pioneer in the China wine market and in particular for New Zealand and for Villa Maria Estate, building the market with us from the very earliest of days. Ian and his team helped to craft a strong and lasting name for Villa Maria in China, both with sound and widespread distribution, and all with active and consistent engagement. I wish Ian all the best in his next and newest effort Nimbility, and I’m excited to see where that will lead him.”


– Sir George Fistonich, Founder, Villa Maria