Audacious Amarone producer Buglioni sets their sights on Asia


25 years ago, the adventurous and forward-thinking Buglioni family stepped out of the fashion industry and discovered their true path by purchasing a vineyard estate in the heart of Valpolicella. They hired a young, passionate, local winemaker to run the estate and promote the traditional wine culture of this beautiful region.

This innovative, forward-thinking winery, having had great success selling throughout Europe and the US, has now set its sights on Asia entrusting Nimbility to pave the way for its rich and classic expressions of Veneto terroir.

According to Nimbility Founding Partner Ian Ford “the Italian wine category is under represented in the region and has latent potential for significant growth which bodes well for new-comers such as Buglioni. Their modern and sophisticated yet classically sculpted, wines are highly accessible, making them perfect for Asian markets.”

However, with no existing Free Trade Agreement between China and Italy and lack of a strong Italian wine brand leading the way such as Penfold’s has done for Australia, there are, naturally, numerous challenges ahead.

Italy does, however, have a strong cultural identity. “Italy is lucky compared to many other wine producing countries”, says Nimbility Founding Partner Francesca Martin, “in that it has very strong cultural associations in Asia via its cuisine, luxury fashion and super cars. These elements can be leveraged by wine brands via well-crafted co-branding partnerships to increase visibility and drive growth.”

What’s more, Amarone seems to be having a moment. “We’re seeing strong demand currently for Amarone, particularly in Mainland China due to its aspirational positioning,” says Francesca. “Our hope is that this will create a much-deserved halo effect for Valpolicella’s other noteworthy wines such as Valpolicella Classico and Ripasso.”

It may not be all plain sailing but Buglioni certainly has all the elements to ride this Amarone-wave and, with Nimbility’s help, build the Veneto and Italian categories as it goes.

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Apolline Martin