Nimbility to Back Colchagua Thoroughbred Viña Casa Silva

Los Lingues, Valle del Colchagua

Los Lingues, Valle del Colchagua

Viña Casa Silva, a pioneering producer in Colchagua and a leading name within the Chilean wine market, is partnering with Nimbility to champion its diverse and award-winning portfolio in Asia.

Led by 5th generation Managing Director Mario Pablo Silva, and relying on five generations (and counting!) of family heritage Viña Casa Silva, is perfectly positioned to build Asian markets. Standing tall on the foundation of their considerable Colchagua terroir and Carmenere grape expertise, as well as their trailblazing spirit in the Chilean wine landscape, Viña Casa Silva, one of the top 4 wineries in Chile, is undoubtedly one of Chile’s best kept secrets.

Chile is a hot and rapidly growing category in Asian markets, and Viña Casa Silva represents a true advocate of what Chile does best - unique terroirs with wines from the Andes and Coastal vineyards of iconic Colchagua Valley, as well as the newly founded Lago Ranco in Patagonia. They have always pioneered diverse grape varieties - championing Carmenere above all and putting lesser known grapes such as Sauvignon Gris and Romano under the spotlight. Lifestyle and experience is also paramount to the Silva family – breeding and working with horses for Rodeo, Chile’s national sport, as well as for Polo, and running a historic hotel, world-class restaurant and tasting room welcoming guests from around the world.

As Nimbility Founding Partner Ian Ford puts it: "In the New World of wine you often come across brands without roots in their home country. Viña Casa Silva’s roots run deep down under the Andes mountains, for five generations crafting authentic Chilean wines in Colchagua Valley, with a heartfelt passion for Carmenere. They are a ‘hidden gem’ for Asian wine lovers – ranked in the top four in Chile, but little known or appreciated in this part of the world. All of us at Nimbility are geared up to show Asia what Viña Casa Silva has to offer!"


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