XECO's Revival Of Sherry Category Has Nimbility's Support In Asia

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The Nimbility team is proud to announce they will be working with XECO, an exciting new Sherry brand putting a contemporary edge on an age-old product, to build its markets in Asia.

XECO was founded by three 30-something 'fino-friends' who have long shared a love of fine Sherry and a desire to overturn a generation's misconception that this wonderfully complex, delicious drink has only a place within Grandparents' dusty drink cabinets.

XECO is aimed at a new generation of discerning drinkers, open to trying new things and experimenting with new serves. The recent revival of the Gin category has shown that younger drinkers are open to products that may have been unfashionable amongst older generations. Gin and Tonic is currently all the rage; XECO Tonic could well be too - lighter in both alcohol and calories, it's also twice as refreshing.

"As a Founding Partner in both companies, I'm incredibly excited that Ian and Chess both see such potential for XECO in the Asia market", says Nimbility and XECO Founding Partner Polly Aylwin-Foster. "The original plan wasn't necessarily to build XECO through Nimbility but the fact that Ian and Chess are so behind our mission, is testament to the forward thinking, can-do attitude that I believe is one of the corner-stones of Nimbility philosophy."

Delicious straight up, XECO Fino has a delicate salty tang and mouthwatering freshness making it the perfect aperitivo. It's also a great starting point for a host of refreshing cocktails including XECO Ginger, XECO'jito, XECO'ni and XECO Collins, all masterfully developed for XECO by top bartenders including Nathan Shearer at Swift, Terry Cashman at Sweet&Chilli and Jack Wareing at Dandelyan.

An Amontillado is also available. Its subtly nutty/dried fruit flavours add great complexity to a XECO Classic - XECO Amontillado, Rye Whiskey, dash of sugar syrup, Angostora bitters, garnished with an orange twist. 

Aimed to ride the wave of the current cocktail trend, XECO will be positioned by Nimbility to capture the imaginations of top bartenders around Asia, with a particular focus on China, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.







Chess Martin