Black Tears Rum Prepares To Seduce China


Black Tears, the first ever Dry Spiced Rum from Cuba, is partnering with market and brand building enterprise Nimbility to launch and build their China market.

Black Tears, the first release from The Island Rum Company, is crafted with a dry Cuban rum of unparalleled quality and infused with spices native to the island — coffee, cacao, and aji dulce. With a seductive, mysterious flavour, its low-sugar, dry and bittersweet character makes Black Tears completely unique within the spiced rum category.


The signature Black Tears serve is Tears & Tonic, a refreshing long drink for every occasion.

50ml Black Tears

150ml Tonic

Garnish: Orange slice & habanero pepper

Thanks to its complex flavour, Black Tears mixes beautifully in long drinks and cocktails, and as such, will be targeted primarily towards China’s vibrant bar and restaurant scene in top tier cities. Black Tears adds intricacy and intrigue to traditional rum drinks, and serves as a beguiling foundation for more daring inventions.

“Black Tears is all about self-expression,” said Adele Robberstad, CEO of The Island Rum Company. “We want bartenders in China to express themselves with Black Tears - and we can’t wait to taste the amazing drinks they come up with.”

The story of Black Tears is rooted in Cuban music, specifically a song about love and loss called Lagrimas Negras, which means Black Tears. According to local legend, a young woman sobbed Black Tears of Sorrow into a vat of rum, giving it an otherworldly taste.

Launching Black Tears globally, the brand has partnered with three young creators active in Havana’s dynamic cultural landscape: Lia Rodriguez, Yojany Perez, and Wilson Hernandez.

Lia Rodriguez.png

“Like a lot of Cubans, I live for the moment. We live in the present and not the future.”

Lia Rodriguez, dancer, choreographer, actor, artist

yojany perez.png

“My life is in the streets of Havana. We are all in this life together, in ‘la luchar’—the fight.”

Yojany Perez, skateboarder, surfer, teacher

wilson hernandez.jpg

“Creativity in Havana is all about building a relationship. From cocktails to art, it always better to create together.”

Wilson Hernandez, mixologist, bar owner


Likewise, a key part of the strategy for China will be to partner with local influencers who share the Black Tears philosophy and can bring the brand to life in ways that will resonate with Chinese consumers.

“Black Tears is going to change the way people think and feel about spiced rum as a category,” says Micaela Piccolo Spirits Director at Nimbility. “In a spirits sector that is often dominated by bottles that have the addition of too much sugar or vanilla, consumers in China are now looking to spend their dollars on products that are built off of transparency and truth, and The Island Rum Company has done just that with Black Tears Spiced Rum. We are elated to have Black Tears join our spirits portfolio, and we look forward to sharing the excellence and passion of Cuba across the region.”

Black Tears will be showcased for the first time in China by Brand Ambassador Din Hassan at the Nimbility Pavilion at this year’s inaugural Vinexpo Shanghai in October.


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Apolline Martin