Tasmanian Spirits Producer Lawrenny Gears Up for Asia Expansion

Estate crafted Tasmanian spirits producer Lawrenny Estate has joined forces with Nimbility to ratchet up its Asia expansion.

Located in Tasmania’s Central Highlands district, encompassing a 400-acre area that borders the River Derwent, Lawrenny is a family owned distillery. Since the early 1800’s, Lawrenny Estate has been utilised to supply the finest quality Tasmanian produce. The purity of the surrounding air and water, as well as the picturesque landscape, has provided the perfect location to construct a premium spirits distillery.

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 The grounds of this majestic estate contain lush pastures for livestock grazing plus orchards and an extensive rose garden that have both been the source of some of the botanicals found within Lawrenny’s range of Gin, Vodka and Liqueurs. Every product within the Lawrenny range tells the story of the rich history and location of Lawrenny Estate.

“Our first years in market have been extremely rewarding both through the domestic demand for our Gin range as well as international award recognition,” remarks co-founder Jensen Farley. In just a few years, the distillery has earned multiple Gold medals across various international award and recently a Double Gold for their 1818 Settlers Gin from the San Francisco Spirits Awards.

“However, Lawrenny is more than just a great product”, Farley continues, “it is a real story of provenance and authenticity.” Recognising the need to tell this story effectivity across the Asian markets, Lawrenny has tasked market and brand building experts Nimbility to do the job.   

“Introducing the Lawrenny brand into Asia requires more than achieving distribution,” explains Farley. “It is really important that we tell the story of Lawrenny Estate and it’s remarkable natural environment. Working with the experienced brand building team at Nimbility will give us the opportunity to engage with both retail and trade customers across Asia.”

The current portfolio comprises three gins, a vodka and a coffee liqueur.

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Highlands Gin is a refreshing, crisp, exhilarating gin that pays tribute to the spectacular region that locates Lawrenny Estate, with notes of blue cypress, pink grapefruit, orange and mint and a spicy, piquant palate with a hint of chamomile providing weight and sweetness.

Inspiration for Van Diemen’s Gin has been taken from the surrounds of the distillery, using botanicals grown within Lawrenny’s own orchard, including strawberries and almonds, as well as lime flowers, that blossom as the distillery transitions from the harsh winter and blooms into spring. Van Diemen’s profile reflects a bright, sunny spring day at the Estate.

The 1818 Settlers Gin embodies the strength and character of those who came to colonise the Lawrenny land area. Bold juniper comes through both on the nose and the palate, as herbal notes from the property’s own rosemary intertwine with the freshness of caraway. All bolstered by the warming spice of pimento berry and cassia bark.

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Saint Clair Vodka incorporates the pristine, crystal waters of Lake Saint Clair, truly encompassing the purity of the region and delivering a crisp and clean palate. With a very careful selection of botanicals, such as rose buds found in the Lawrenny gardens, herbaceous thyme and classic lemon zest, the signature style of Lawrenny is found in each glass.

For their coffee liqueur, Lawrenny sources the best coffee beans from around the world, then extracts the full flavours using the purist Tasmanian waters that run through the Estate. A blend of local bush and meadow honey is incorporated into the rich cold brew, producing a totally unique flavour with perfectly balanced sweetness.


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Head Distiller at Lawrenny, Joe Dinsmoor, is one of Australia’s most experienced distillers, previously leading the development of multiple global award winning gins, vodkas and whiskies. As such, Joe has been playing an instrumental role in establishing Lawrenny Estate Distilling as one of only a very few ‘paddock to bottle’ Estate single malt whiskies in the world.

The barley grains are grown and harvested from the Lawrenny fields then malted on site before being mashed, fermented and distilled. The barrels are stored in close proximity to the River Derwent, ensuring they engage with the pure Tasmanian air over their maturation.

The result will be an exceptionally unique, world class single malt whisky, due to be released in 2020.

“In the past few years we’ve seen a rise in market demand for Tasmanian (Tassie) spirits in Asia, with a particular focus on the whiskies,” says Nimbility Spirits Director Micaela Piccolo. “Not only does Lawrenny offer a beautiful range of white spirits and liqueurs, but they are simultaneously laying down the foundation for their whisky portfolio that will be released in the near future. Nimbility is thrilled to be a part of the market building process for Lawrenny and we cannot wait to share the beauty of Tasmania with consumers across Asia!”

Lawrenny is currently distributed by Gain Brands in Singapore, with stock soon to be arriving in Malaysia and Indonesia. For more information about buying Lawrenny in these markets, please contact enquiries@gainbrands.com

For more information on Lawrenny Estate across the rest of Asia please contact info@nimbilityasia.com



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