Four Fox Saké Sets Its Sights On Asia Expansion   


For centuries, Japanese saké has remained more or less a mystery to consumers outside of Japan. And in many ways, it still is. A key challenge to the comprehension of this incredibly diverse and fascinating category is the fact that there has never been a leading, international brand of saké. Until now!

Sleek, modern, and disruptive, Four Fox Saké, is shaking things up and quickly becoming the world’s most recognizable and memorable brand of saké. Having launched to great applause in both the U.S. and the U.K., the Fox is now turning its head towards Asia and has entrusted Nimbility to build its brand and markets across the region.

Here to challenge the status quo, Four Fox Saké aims to elevate saké to the timeless status it deserves, by moving it beyond its current arena in Japanese restaurants, and into the world’s leading cocktail bars and nightclubs. “Four Fox Saké was born because saké as a product category is underrated and untapped, compared to vodka, whisky, or Champagne for example”, explains Neil Hosie, Co-Founder of Four Fox Saké. “We believe there is a huge opportunity to truly celebrate saké and position it in a class of its own.”

The branding seamlessly blends Japanese mythology with contemporary, aspirational lifestyle, paying respect to Inari Okami, the Japanese god of rice, saké (with rice as its core ingredient), swordsmiths (the bottle has the shape of a Katana carved into its profile) and foxes. The foxes are said to be the sworn protectors of the Torii Gates separating Earth from Heaven and allowing only the purest spirits to pass. This promise is kept by Four Fox Saké as its four foxes are the guardians of a saké made from Niigata snowmelt water and rice polished away to 50% of its original size, all coming together to form the highest official designation for saké: Junmai Daiginjo. When night falls, the bottle lights up with an ice-blue beam that shines through the bottle’s central crest and its two blades, ensuring the perfect positioning for premium bottle sales in the world’s leading bars and clubs.

“We are extremely excited to be taking on Four Fox Saké and attempting to build the branded saké category in Asia”, says Nimbility Founding Partner Chess Martin. “The brand has been created with an incredible amount of thought, precision and attention to detail, paying homage to traditional Japanese culture yet with a number of contemporary twists. It is a product that both surprises and delights, and this will be key to tapping in to Millennials and Gen Z, the generations to whom this brand is targeted.”

As a zero sugar, zero additive and low alcohol (16%) product, compared to many spirits, it is incredibly pure and slots perfectly into the global trend for “low and no” that can be seen at work also in the Asian markets. In addition, it is highly versatile in terms of its different serves: neat or in cocktails, at room temperature or well chilled.

The time to invest in Asian markets seems clear: “Saké, though still a small category globally, has experienced constant year on year growth in the past decade in export markets, with volume doubling since 2006 and value more than doubling!” says Nimbility Founding Partner Ian Ford. “China is growing even faster than other areas, already catching up with Hong Kong, and will soon become saké’s second international market, after the U.S. We therefore believe the timing is perfect to build a brand such as Four Fox Saké in Asia.”

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